We are the Mckissick family, and we are on the adventure of a life time!!! We are seeking to provide cultural opportunities for our children to experience life. By traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures, we believe it will broaden our children's' perspective of what life really is, and what it really means "to live"! As we travel we have a mission, not only to see pretty beaches and experience different islands, but to meet people, and learn of their cultures and their way of life! In the process we will be seeking out kids (orphans) at local Orphanage's, teaching our kids how to GIVE, how to LOVE, and how to HELP those in need.

***Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Psalms 82:3

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  1. My name is captain perry and a boat just dragged the margarita on her anchor in Lake Silvia in Ft Lauderdale. My phone number is 252-725-7219 if you want to reach me. 3/11/2019 7:30 pm. WE leave for Nassau in the morning. My email is dtperry52@gmail.com if you have trouble reaching me. I cant give you much information. The boat was a large catamaran, 48' Leopold named "Gratitude" with a hailing port of Savannah, GA. They ran along side your boat and dragged it on its anchor until it was touching an adjacent boat. Someone is on the adjacent boat trying to move away from your boat or so it would appear. Sorry for your trouble.


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