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Our Salty Life ~ Year End Review 2018

As we complete the last few tasks on our list, and prepare to sail further south at the end of the week; I find myself slowing down from all the holiday “hustle and bustle”, and  looking back on this INCREDIBLE year in COMPLETE AWE! It has been full of many AMAZING “ups” ...but has also handed us some pretty “eye-opening” CHALLENGES! 

This time last year we still had our home in Colorado and were very much in the “honeymoon” stages of this WONDERFUL cruising life! Paul had already moved aboard to deliver our (then new to us) boat S/V Margarita south... and I was finishing up my contract in Colorado (trying to stay warm)...

...and I’ll just state for the record, that it was NOT an easy task!!! 

The kids and I were able to meet up with Paul in St. Augustine for Thanksgiving during his sail south, and then again in West Palm Beach for Christmas! These were bittersweet “vacation” weeks, as we knew we still had a couple months of my contract ahead of us, a…

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