Beginning our transition back...FROM LAND TO SEA

For those of you who may have followed us before (as "Sailing Autumn's Wind") you might have found yourself wondering... Where did they go???

Well, if you remember back in late Nov 2015, Ayden fell off the boat in the boat yard and was life-flighted to Miami Children's Hospital. We were in the FL Keys at the time of the accident, just finishing the refit of our Morgan 33' Classic "Autumn's Wind". 

Lets just say that the accident turned out to be huge GAME CHANGER for us!!! To make a VERY LONG, BITTER story short and sweet...we found ourselves at a crossroad! We could sell the boat (we just finished refitting) and move inland to seek better medical attention... or stay, and watch our son continue to slowly deteriorate. At the time of our decision, Ayden's neuropathy had become neuritis (a lot of medical terminology not really needed for this blog post) and it had moved from his extremities, into his face. The moment his Pediatric Neurosurgeon mentioned the possibility of it affecting his optic nerves (which could cause blindness), we knew what we had to do!!! We left our family refit adventure, and began a new adventure, in the BEAUTIFUL mountains of Colorado!!!

As much as we have tried hard to make this a new FUN ADVENTURE, the Krew was still completely heartbroken about selling our boat!😢 In fact, in the last two years that is all they've talked about!!! "Mommy, why did we sell the boat and stop traveling?"..."Are we ever going to buy a new boat?" ..."Mommy, will we get to live on another boat and travel again soon?" 

Now to the EXCITING part!!! Ayden's treatment plan here in Colorado has been a HUGE SUCCESS!!!  It has been a long road, but one I would take again in a heartbeat!!!
 As of Spring 2017, Ayden is off all medication, and has been cleared by neuro with a CLEAN EEG!!! This has made EVERYTHING TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! I mean, all any parent wants for their child is a clean bill of health...and now, with that in hand, we are ready to begin our transition back from LAND TO SEA!!!