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Breakthrough Coaching

Our Coaching service offers you the opportunity to break through to the life you were created for. Our experienced coaches will work one-on-one with you to help you identify and articulate your message, build your confidence, and equip you with the skills and strategies to excel as a powerful speaker. Our approach is tailored to your individual needs and goals, helping you to refine your speaking style and discover your true purpose.


Rhonda Huber

Welcome to Our Salty Life & Leadership – the go-to resource for business building and goal setting services! Led by Rhonda, our breakthrough coach, Our Salty Life & Leadership is here to help you achieve your wildest dreams and reach new levels of success in your life. With his expertise in business building, goal setting, and goal achievement, Rhonda is the perfect choice to be your breakthrough coach!

Energy Management

Our Planning & Goal Achievement service is designed to help you reach your goals with clarity and focus. Our Full Focus Certified Pro will walk you through the process of creating an actionable plan and provide support and guidance in achieving your goals. With our help, you'll be well on your way to success. 

Here's what people are saying about the Full Focus Planning System

Most Necessary Tool

"I have used this book for years and love it. In fact, I could not imagine getting all my work done without it. "What gets scheduled gets done."

Mary Beth M.

Love This Executive Leather "Full Focus Planner

I've used this particular planner for over two years...and the ​​Full Focus Planner System for over four years. I can't imagine my life without it. Keeps me organized, focused, on track with goals, and able to "win at work and succeed at life."

Peter J

Changed My Work Life 

"Since I began using this planner, my productivity has gone through the roof. This is an incredible tool to make sure your most important work doesn’t fall through the cracks or get lost to the whirlwind of business."

Liam W

Changed My Life!

"As a person who dealt with illness (cancer) in the last year, this planner allowed me to figure out what was important. From filtering out the urgent tasks from the important to setting up goals to help beat cancer, I still use this daily as a go-to for what my musts are for my life and family. Thank you."

Dan B
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